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2014 Neousys Catalog
Top » Catalog » Motherboards » CMJEJNC9MGL-525-LF

Jetway JNC9MGL-525-LF

La carte mère Jetway Mini-itx NC9MGL-512-FL possède un processeur Atom D525 1.80GHz ainsi qu’un processeur graphique intégré Intel GMA3150. La NC9MGL-512-FL de par ses performances peut être utilisée pour un large panel d’applications tel que :-l’affichage dynamique-la surveillance-l’automatisation et le contrôle dans l’industrie-le médical-des applications sur lieux de ventes (POS/Kiosk/ATM)-l’infodivertissement embarqué  -des serveurs réseaux, serveurs de stockage, serveurs mails, serveurs d’impressions-Thin Client-Nettop


ProcessorAtom D525 1.80GHz @ 13W (Formerly Pineview-D)
Chipset Intel NM10 (Formerly Tiger Point) @ 2.1W
Memory 2 x 204-pin DDR3-1066/800 Single Channel SO-DIMM up to 4GB
Graphics Intel GMA3150 Integrated Graphics
Audio Realtek ALC662 5.1 Channel Audio
LAN 2 x Realtek RTL8111EVL PCI-E Gigabit LAN with Enhanced Surge Protection
Storage Intel NM10
2 SATA2 3Gb/s ports
Super IO Fintek F71869A
Features - Dual Gigabit LAN with Enhanced Surge Protection
- 6 * Serial Ports (1-External, 5-Internal)
- 18-bit Single Channel LVDS header/inverter
- OC-CON High-Polymer Solid Capacitors
- ECO-design for EuP/ErP
- 8-bit Watchdog
- Support CPU Smart FAN
Back Panel Connectors 1 PS/2 Mouse
1 PS/2 Keyboard
1 Parallel
1 Serial port (RS232)
1 VGA (up to 2048x1536)
4 USB 2.0
2 RJ45 LAN (10/100/1000)
3 3.5mm Audio
Onboard I/O Connectors 1 PCI Slot
1 PCI Express Mini Card Slot (full-size)
1 Serial header (RS232/RS422/RS485)
4 Serial header (RS232)
2 SATA2 3Gb/s Connectors
2 USB Pin Headers for up to 3 additional USB 2.0 Ports
1 18-bit Single Channel LVDS header/inverter
1 9-pin Audio header
1 HDMI-SPDIF header
1 GPIO header
1 Front Panel header
3 Fan headers
1 24-pin ATX Power Connector

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