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Lex DX1222S 4RN80-52Ax2

Chassis specifications 

Dimension 44.5 H x 440 W x 210 D mm
Material SECC II
Color Black
Weight 4.2 Kgs ( 2 pcs M/B )
Storage Space 2x2.5" HDD
Power supply2 x 12v/60w + 2 adaptateurs ac/dc externes


Motherboard specification 

LVDS / 4 LAN / PCI 104 / Mini PCI

  • Intel Ultra Low Voltage Celeron M CPU 800M
  • Supports Intel Architecture with Dynamic Execution
  • On-die, primary 32KB instruction cache and 32KB write back data cache
  • On-die, 1MB second level cache with Advanced Transfer Cache Architecture
  • Streaming SIMD Extension 2 (SEE2) enable break-through level of performance in multimedia applications including 3Dgraphics , video decoding/encoding , and speech recognition.
  • Support for MMX technology
  • Internet Streaming SIMD instructions and full compatibility with IA-32 software
  • Micro-op Fusion and Advanced Stack Management
  • Advanced branch prediction architecture
  • Double-precision floating-point instruction enhance performance
  • Voltage spec from IMVP- IV 0.700 to 1.708V provide CPU Vcore
  • 400MHz ,source-synchronous FSB
  • 2 x Address , 4 x Data ,12 deep in-order queue.
  • System Chipset list
  • CPU: Intel Celeron M 800MHz(FSB400MHz)FCBGA 479 L1 64KB ,L2 512KB on board
  • MB chipset: Intel 82852GM and Intel 82801DB ICH4
  • VGA chipset: Intel 8252GM/82855 Integrated Graphics chipset
  • Sound Chipset: Realtek ALC 650 AC97 2.3 SOUND
  • LAN: Realtek RTL8100C/RTL8110SB
  • I/O:> ITE IT8712F (IX)IO
  • Memory
  • Supports two double-sided DIMM with un-buffered PC 1600/2100 DDR-SDRAM
  • Supports 64Mbit,128Mbit,256Mbit,512Mbite for x 8 and x 16 width devices
  • Maximum of 1Gbytes of system by using 512Mbit devices(double sided)
  • 852GM chipset Supports 200MHz and 266MHz DDR 64-bit data devices
  • Supports up to simultaneous open pages
  • Graphic / Video
  • Internal Graphics Memory Up to 64MB of dynamic video memory allocation
  • Display/render frequency up to 250 MHz
  • 3DvSetup and render engine , Zone rendering ,High-quality performance texture engine
  • 350MHz integrated 24-bit RAMDAC , Hardware color cursor support.
  • Accompanying I C and DDC channels provided through multiplexed interface.
  • Dual independent pipe for dual independent display
  • Simultaneous :Same images and native display timings on each display device.
  • Improved hardware motion compensation for MPEG2, all format decoder (18 ATSC formats) supported , Dynamic Bob and Weave support video streams.
  • Software DVD at 60 Fields/second and 30 frames / second full screen
  • LVDS Interface
  • Single or dual channel LVDS panel support up to UXGA panel resolution with frequency range from 25MHz to 112MHz per channel
  • Supports data format of 18 bits LVDS interface
  • PCI Bus Master IDE
  • Supports "Native Mode" register and interrupts.
  • Independent timing of up to 4 drives, with separate primary and secondary IDE cable and secondary IDE cable connectors
  • Ultra ATA 100/66/33,BM IDE and PIO modes
  • Tri-state modes to enable swap bay.
  • One 40pin 2.54mm and One 44pin 2.0mm two type connectors.
  • Support Compact Flash card type II for ATA interface.
  • Audio
  • AC-Link for Audio CODEC
  • Supports AC'97 2.3
  • Support for up two channels of PCM audio out (full AC3 decode)
  • CD-in / Mic-in / Line-in support
  • USB
  • Includes three UHCI host controllers that support six external ports
  • Includes one EHCI high-speed USB 2.0 Host Controller that supports all six ports
  • Supports Legacy keyboard / mouse software.
  • IO Function
  • LPC (Low Pin Count) Interface
  • Supports Hardware Monitor Controller
  • One port 16C550 UARTs RS232 and one port Supports IrDA 1.0 / ASKIR Protocols
  • Supports PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse
  • LAN ( 4 x Realtek 10/100M)
  • DIO and WDT function
  • Hardware Watch Dog Timer support can programmable 0-255 sec
  • Hardware Digital Input Output provide 4 input and 4 output
  • Expend Interface
  • On board Industry spec PCI 104 Maximum can expend to four pcs PCI 104 card .
  • One Min PCI socket for only PCI rev 2.2 interface.
  • Others function
  • One Compact Flash Reader for IDE BUS ATA type II spec
  • DC 12V in On board power DC +12V +-5% convert into system +3.3v/+12v/+5v
    Front Connector Header
  • One power switch for power on
  • One power LED
  • One HDD LED
  • Six LAN LED
  • One Line-out Phone jack
  • One MIC-in Phone jack
  • Back Panel Connectors
  • One DC 12V in power mini den jack
  • One DB-15PIN VGA and PS2 Keyboard and Mouse port
  • Four ports USB
  • One DB-9Pin Com port
  • Four ports LAN RJ45 jack
  • One port Line-out Phone jack
  • BIOS
  • Award BIOS version 6.1
  • Support DMI 2.0 function
  • ACPI v1.0 compliant
  • APM v1.2 compliant
  • Windows 9x/ME/2000 Plug and play BIOS
  • Dimension
  • 200 x 150 mm
  • dxlowdepth_drawings_01


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