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Top » Catalog » Mini PC (Barebones) » With 3 lan or more » BBLEO-3I270D-V4U-H16

Lex LEO 3I270D-V4U-H16

Mini pc Fanless avec N270 ,1Go de mémoire et 4 ports réseaux Intel

Spécifications du Boitier

Dimension50 H x 240 W x 124 D mm
VESA Mounting (option)75 x 75 mm
Weight1.22 Kgs ( Incl. M/B )
Storage Space2.5" HDD


CPU typeIntel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor
Front Side Bus533 MHz
MB ChipsetIntel 945GSE + ICH7M (82801GBM)
GraphicsIntegrated with Intel 945GSE
Dynamic Video Memory Technology(DVMT 3.0)
MemoryOn board DDRII module 1GB
SATATwo SATA ports with independent DMA operation supported
LAN4x Intel RLT8111C 10/100/1000 Mbps
IO function1x RS232 pin header
COM2 supports TTL signal level
USB2x USB 2.0(external) + 3x USB 2.0(internal)
Expansion interface1x Mini card for only USB interface
PowerOn board DC +12V±5% convert to +3V/+5V for system
Dimension145 x 102 mm (3.5 inch) (MB)
73H x 187W x 130D mm(Chassis)
Operating Temperature0~50°C
Please upgrade the hard drive to industrial grade for better temperature performance
Operating Humidity5~95%, non-condensing

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