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2014 Neousys Catalog
Top » Catalog » Mini PC (Barebones) » BBLEO-3I270A-H16

Lex LEO 3I270A-H16

Mini pc Fanless avec N270 et 1Go de mémoire

Spécifications du Boitier

Dimension50 H x 240 W x 124 D mm
VESA Mounting (option)75 x 75 mm
Weight1.22 Kgs ( Incl. M/B )
Storage Space2.5" HDD


CPU typeIntel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor
Front Side Bus533 MHz
MB ChipsetIntel 945GSE + ICH7M (82801GBM)
GraphicsIntegrated with Intel 945GSE
Dynamic Video Memory Technology(DVMT 3.0)
MemoryOn board DDRII module 1GB
1x DDRII SODIMM (max. 2GB) (Option)
NAND flash memorySupport Compact Flash card type II for ATA interface
On board SSD 1/2/4/8GBytes(Option)
SATATwo SATA ports with independent DMA operation supported
AudioIntel High Definition Audio Specification Rev.1.0 Compliant
Line-out / Mic-in / Lline-in support
LAN1x Intel 82574L or Realtek RLT8111C 10/100/1000 Mbps
IO function2x RS232 + 3x RS232 pin header + 1x RS422/485 pin header
USB7x USB 2.0 ( 2 external + 5 internal)
DIO & WDTHardware digital Input & Output, 8xDI / 8xDO
Hardware Watch Dog Timer, 0~255 sec programmable
Expansion interface1x Mini PCI socket for only PCI rev 2.2 interface
2x PCIe mini card support USB and PCIe interface
PowerOn board DC +12V±5% convert to +3.3V/+5V/+12V for system
Dimension145 x 102 mm (3.5 inch) (MB)
50H x 240W x 124D mm(Chassis)
Operating Temperature0~60°C
Please upgrade the hard drive to industrial grade for better temperature performance
Operating Humidity5~95%, non-condensing

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