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2014 Neousys Catalog
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Lex DX0038 3R80-860Ax4

Chassis Specifications 


44.5 H x 440 W x 511 D m






9 Kgs

Storage Space

4x2.5" HDD

Power supply

220vac  (2 x internal 84 watts)

Motherboard specification

CPU type   On-board  800Mhz
Front Side Bus   100/133 MHz
MB Chipset    VIA PLE133 VT8601A + VT82C686B
Graphics    Integrated with VT8601A
   Shared system memory up to 8MB
Memory    1 x SDRAM (max 512MB)
Storage    1 x 40-pin IDE for DOM or 3.5” HDD
   1 x 44-pin IDE for DOM or 2.5” Slim HDD
   1 x DOC socket
   1 x 50-pin compact flash disk socket
Sound    AC’97 2.1
LAN    3 x Realtek 10/100 Mbps
USB    4 x USB 1.1
Power    On board DC +12V convert to +3.3V/+12V/+5V for system
Dimension    200 x 150 mm
Operation Temperature    0 ~ 45°C
Operation Humidity    5~95% @ 45°C, non-condensing

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