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The G2 system is a dual ADSL2+ port and dual ethernet port router with an X86 processor.

Powered by LX-800 processor (AMD, 500Mhz, x86), it includes a compact flash reader for easy installation and a mini-pci bus extension for Wireless module for example.

 For OEM/ODM several options can be added like G3 HSPA / Wimax / GPS / Automotive PSU.

G2 is suitable for many applications :

- ADSL Monitoring system

- ADSL Bonding system / Multilink PPP

- ADSL load balancing /failover system

- Firewall

- VOIP server


- Wifi access point

The G2 is really open and software installation is really easy : all Linux drivers are included in the linux kernel (version 2.6.23 and later) and the BIOS is an open source coreboot (

G2 can works with OPENWRT (, an open Linux distribution for embedded devices like routers.

AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor (x86 instruction set)
2 x ADSL2+ Ports
2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports
2 x USB ports
Mini PCI socket
Compact Flash socket
44-pin IDE header
RS-232 Serial
1 x GPIO switch
Open Source BIOS (Coreboot)

Click here to download Pdf DatasheetClick here to download Pdf Datasheet

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