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2014 Neousys Catalog
Top » Catalog » Panel PC » PPCPTC82331-766C

Lex Panel PC 8" 766CLC Touch Screen

On-Board 4 Com Ports

Support VESA75 / VESA100 Mounting Spec.
Panel frame Water Proof : IPX3 Level
Touch Panel : 3M , Resistance Type, 4 Wires

Caractérisiques méchaniques

Dimension Ecran: 9 H x 270 W x 194D mm
Boitier: 65 H x 249 W x 175 D mm
Poids4.2 Kgs(avec M/B)
Stockage 1 emplacement Disque dur 2"5
1 emplacement Compact Flash (bootable)
Lecteur optiqueAucun  

Spécifications de l'écran

Marque :AU
Résolution :SVGA 800x600
Brillance :220 cd/m2
Contraste :350:1
Couleur :262144

Spécifications de la carte mère




CPU typeVIA Eden(V4)/ C7 nano BGA2 400 pin, L1/L2 128K on die
Front Side Bus400/533 MHz
MB Chipset VIA CN700 + VIA VT8237R Plus
Graphics Integrated with VIA CN700
Shared system memory up to 64MB
MPEG-2 hardware VLD
LVDS Support data format of 24 bits/48 bits
Memory 1 x DDR II SDRAM 533/400 (max 1Gb)
IDE Ultra DMA-133/100/66 transfer protocols
1x 40 pin 2.54mm, 1x44 pin 2.0mm
Support Compact Flash card type II for ATA interface
Audio AC-Link for Audio CODEC, AC’97 2.1
LAN 1 x Realtek 10/100 Mbps
IO function 4~6x RS232, 1xRS232/422/485
Supports Hardware Monitor Controller
Supports IrDA 1.0/ASKIR protocol
Supports PS2 keyboard and mouse
USB 7 x USB 2.0
DIO & WDT Hardware digital Input & Output, 8xDI / 8xDO
Hardware Watch Dog Timer, 0~255 sec programmable
Touch Screen USB interface Touch screen controller
Supported 4-, 5-, 8- wire Analog Resistive touch screen.
Resister range from 200 to 1000 Ohm
USB 1.1full speed sample rate (max 300 point/s)
SATA One channel connector
SATA drive transfer rate is capable up to 150MB/s
Expand interface 1x Mini PCI for only PCI rev: 2.2 interface
Power On board DC +12V convert to +3.3V/+12V/+5V for system
Dimension 200 x 150 mm
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60°C
Operation Humidity 5~95% @ 60°C, non-condensing

Click here to download Pdf DatasheetClick here to download Pdf Datasheet

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 January, 2008.
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