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2014 Neousys Catalog
Top » Catalog » Storage » SSD » SSDSTMDOX-032G

SuperTalent MASTER DRIVE OX 32Go

 Super Talent's MasterDrive OX series SSD brings the solid state drive to a wholenew audience. No longer just for the military, enterprise and elite users, the MasterDrive OX SSD is truly affordable. And Super Talent doesn't strip out features to bring down the price. With no-compromise features like SATA-II technology for exceptionally fast read speeds of 150MB/sec, and the same resistance to shock and vibration as all Super Talent's SSDs, the MasterDrive OX SSD delivers the performance and reliability today's mobile enthusiasts demand.

Super Talent's Flash management techniques increase reliability and endurance, and continue to provide unprecedented vibration and shock tolerance. Our software and hardware testing ensures utmost quality of each MasterDrive OX SSD. Super Talent offers a 1 year warranty for the MasterDrive OX SSD.  


Physical Specifications
Form Factor 2.5’’
*Capacity   32GB
Dimension  69.85mm x 100.20mm x 9.50mm
SATA Interface   Serial ATA-II
NAND Flash   MLC
Power Supply 5.0Vcc ± 5%
Package  Complete metal housing
Reliability Specifications
MTBF   +1,000,000 hours
Data Reliability Built-in EDC/ECC function
Data Integrity  5 years
Wear Leveling Algor.  Patent Pending
Environmental Specifications
Operating Shock 1500G
Operating Vibration 16G
Operating Temp. 0°C to +70°C
Endurance Specifications
Read  Unlimited
Write 16GB 8.8 yrs @ 50GB write-erase/day
32GB 17.5 yrs @ 50GB write-erase/day
64GB 35.1 yrs @ 50GB write-erase/day
128GB 70.2 yrs @ 50GB write-erase/day
 Performance Specifications
Seq. Read 150 MB/sec (max)
Seq. Write 100 MB/sec (max)
Access Time 0.1 ms

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