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VIA EX15000G



Targeted at the fast-emerging market for x86-based consumer electronics, the VIA EPIA EX-Series Mini-ITX mainboard boasts leading edge multimedia, memory and peripheral support, as well as a complete consumer I/O, all contained within the signature compact platform and very low thermal envelope, with an average operating power consumption of less than 14W.

The VIA EPIA EX mainboard is powered by the highly efficient 1.5GHz or fanless 1.0GHz VIA C7® processor and is the first mainboard to feature the new VIA CX700M2 system media processor, an all-in-one digital media IGP chipset integrating the VIA UniChrome™ Pro II 2D/3D graphics core and an extended array of high end video and audio technologies for the ultimate digital media device. This includes hardware decoding acceleration of MPEG-2/-4 and WMV9 video, an HDTV encoder that utilizes VIA's Advance ProScale® Technology to scale the input resolution for 640x480 up to 1024x768 encode for 1080i, 720p standard HDTV resolution output, the Chromotion™ CE engine for crystal clear video, and VIA Vinyl Multi-channel HD audio through the VIA VT1708 HD audio codec for a richer listening experience.

A full complement of consumer I/O includes ports for composite, component and S-Video, S/PDIF audio, and onboard connectors for LVDS and DVI displays, with USB2.0 and IEEE1394 peripheral connectivity, full featured SATA II multi-configuration RAID, and 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet for seamless broadband connectivity, plus a Gigabit Ethernet option. Up to 1GB of the power efficient DDR2 400/533MHz memory is supported, which optimizes system performance for today's digital media applications.


Model Name• VIA EPIA EX15000G
Processor • VIA C7 1.5GHz / VIA C7 1.0GHz
Chipset • VIA CX700M2
System Memory• DDR2 533 DIMM socket (Upto 1GB)
VGA• Integrated VIA UniChromeTM Pro II 3D/2D AGP graphics with MPEG-2/4 and WMV9 video decoding acceleration
Expansion Slots• 1 PCI Slot
Onboard IDE• 1 UltraDMA 133/100/66/33 connector
Onboard Serial ATA• 2 SATA connector
Onboard LAN• 1 VIA VT6107 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Controller / 1 VIA VT6122 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Optional)
Onboard Audio• VIA VT1708A High Definition Audio Codec
Onboard TV Out• VIA VT1625M HDTV Encoder
Onboard 1394• VIA VT6307S IEEE 1394 Firewire
Back Panel I/O• 1 DVI connector
• 1 RJ45 with USB stack 2.0 connector
• 1 miniDIN for S-Video output
• 1 Triple RCA jack for composite video and stereo audio outputs
• 1 Triple RCA jack for component video output
• 1 S/PDIF coaxial connector
• 1 S/PDIF optical connector
Onboard I/O Connectors• 2 USB pin connector for 4 additional USB 2.0 ports
• 1 1394 pin connector for 1 1394 port
• 1 Front-panel audio header for HP-out and MIC-in
• 1 Audio Line-in header
• 1 LPC header
• 1 LVDS connector to support 1-CH LVDS panel
• 1 TV out header for SCART and D-terminal (Optional)
• 1 CCIR656/601 video input and SMBUS
• 1 PS2 mouse/keyboard header
• 2 SATA connectors
• 2 Fan pin connectors for CPU and System fans
• 1 ATX power connector
• LPC 4/8Mbit flash memory
Operating System• Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Win CE, XPe
System Monitoring & Management• Wake-on-LAN, Keyboard-Power-on, Timer-Power-on
• System power management, AC power failure recovery
Operating Temperature• 0 ~ 50 ° C
Operating Humidity• 0% ~ 95% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
Form Factor• Mini-ITX (6-layer)
• 17 cm x 17 cm

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