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Bounded DSL for ISP


You represent an ISP (Internet solution provider) or a Virtual ISP, we have the solution to help you to propose real bonded DSL services to customers.

Depending of your strategy and your knowledge we can propose you an hardware Plateform as well a complete service to be implement on you servers.


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Complete ready to go solution :

He are distributing a service composed of server software and client firmware that able you to propose bonded DSL in a really short time.

This is really interesting if you want to increase bandwith of your existing customers (Wireless access point) or if you want to get new customers and little business customers (home workers)

This solution is well adapted for VISP as well ISP :

Bonded DSL

Please contact us for further informations : +33 1(0) 61 37 07 04

Hardware plateform for your own developments : 

Bonded DSL

This Geos X86 system embeds 1 or 2 ADLS2+ modem with 2 lan ports. This product is unique on the market, you can install easilly  Linux (Debian 5 for example) on CF reader and manage 2 ADSL lines.

As a matter of fact you can implement line resilience (Fail-over) or Load Balancing as well Bonded DSL - with MLPPP for example - depending of your knowledge.

 ADSL Chipsets are high performance (ADSL/ADLS2/ADSL2+) and supports hardware DES/3DES/AES/SHA-1/SHA-2256/MD5.

A mini-PCI Slot is available (standard) for Wireless but also a mezzanine board (option) can be added for support up to 2 x 3G modems.

If you have to create VPN, Access Point, Bonded DSL and are looking for a reliable solution, you've just found the perfec product !!

Contact us for more informations +33 (0)1 61 37 07 04

ODM/OEM projects are welcome, we can adapt the product to your need.

This solution is already in production with several ISP in the world




PDF Technical Spec (English) || Spécifications Techniques (Francais)



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