Mini PC fanless supportant la 6eme Génération de processeurs Intel® Skylake Core™ i7/i5/i3 avec 6x GbE, une cassette d’extension et une interface MezIO™


  • Intel® 6th Gen Core™ i7/i5/i3 LGA1151 socket-type CPUNuvo-5000E/P (New!)
  • Patented Cassette for PCI/PCIe add-on card accommodation
    (* R.O.C Patent No. M456527)
  • MezIO™ inteface for easy function expansion
  • Rugged, -25°C to 70°C fanless operation
  • Up to 6x GigE ports, supporting 9.5 KB jumbo frame
  • Up to 32 GB, DDR4-2133 SODIMM
  • Accommodates two 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD with RAID 0/1
  • VGA/DVI/DP triple independent display, supporting 4K2K


Integrating cutting-edge technologies, Neousys creates the next-generation fanless controller, Nuvo-5000 series, with ruggedness, performance and versatility. It supports socket-type, 6th-Gen Core™ processors for flexible CPU selection from Pentium® to Core™ i7 according to performance consideration, and remains -25°C to 70°C true wide-temperature operating.

It provides plenty of embedded I/O functions for general applications, including Gigabit Ethernet, USB3/USB2, COM and VGA/DVI/DP triple display outputs. If they are not enough, Neousys’ patented Cassette offers an easy way for I/O expansion by installing an off-the-shelf PCIe/PCI card.

Nuvo-5000 further incorporates Neousys MezIO™, an interface electronically and mechanically fitted for embedded system, to presents a cost-effective and reliable way for I/O enhancement. By installing optional MezIO™ module, Nuvo-5000 can deliver more application-oriented functions for diversified vertical markets.

Latest Intel® CPU, Cassette and MezIO™ creates a powerful controller with numerous I/O configurations. Nuvo-5000 is the one platform for all!

Product Highlights

Performance Boost by 14 nm TechnologyNuvo-5000 Performance Comparison

Benefited by 14 nm lithography, the 6th-Gen Core™ platform delivers significant performance boost. Comparing to 3rd-Gen IvyBridge, the new Skylake platform offers 40% increase in terms of performance per watt. Additionally, Nuvo-5000 is designed to support LGA1151 socket-type CPU to bring more flexibility for CPU installation.


Patented Expansion CassetteNuvo-5000 Cassette

Neousys’ Patented Cassette innovates a brilliant way for accommodating add-on card, not only because the modularized design makes easy installation/replacement, but also because the possibility of passive cooling for add-on card brings more reliable operation. You can install COTS PCI/PCIe card to expand versatility of Nuvo-5000, or choose Neousys’ offer of Cassette module with pre-installed heat-spreader to include PoE+, USB 3.0 or independent graphics card.


The MezIO™ Interface and ModulesNuvo-5000 with MezIO Module

MezIO™ is the interface designed for incorporating application-oriented I/O functions into a embedded system. It offers computer signals, power rails and control signals via a high-speed connector. MezIO™ is also mechanically reliable benefited from its 3-point mounted mezzanine structure. A MezIO™ module can leverage these signals to implement comprehensive I/O functions.

Neousys provides various MezIO™ modules, such as RS-232/422/485, isolated DIO, LVDS output, CAN bus, ignition power control, and DTIO, as the options for Nuvo-5000. Users can also leverage signals/powers on MezIO™ to create a module with specific domain know-how. MezIO™ presents a cost-effective way to build a taylor-made embedded system for your application.