4-Port / 2-Port Server-grade Gigabit 802.3at PoE+ Frame Grabber Card


PCIe-PoE354at/352at (New!)
  • x4, Gen2 PCI Express interface offering 2GB/s total bandwidth
  • Intel® I350 server-grade Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • Supports four (354at) or two (352at) independent GigE Ports
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3at to deliver 25.5 W each port
  • Supports 9.5 kB jumbo frame, teaming and IEEE 1588
  • Per-port PoE+ power on/off control



PCIe-PoE354at is world’s first PoE frame grabber card combing server-grade GigE controller and 802.3at PoE+ capability. Inheriting Neousys’ expertise on PoE technology, PCIe-PoE354at further implements the updated 802.3at-2009 standard and offers up to 25.5W of power each port.

PCIe-PoE354at is designed with state-of-the-art Intel® I350 Gigabit Ethernet controller. This server-grade GigE controller incorporates advanced features, such as checksum offloading, segmentation offloading and intelligent interrupt generation/moderation, to increase overall Ethernet performance and reduce CPU utilization. In addition, its single-bus, multi-port topology minimizes the compatibility issue with off-the-shelf motherboards when installing multiple cards.

Machine vision applications can be benefited by PCIe-PoE354at’s server-grade network performance. Its 25.5W PoE+ can now power PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras for surveillance applications. PCIe-PoE354at presents the best cost/performance ratio for your Power over Ethernet solution.