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ADSL Bonding and Bounded DSL


Here is the solution Dual ADSL to create your VPN, load balancer, bonded DSL with 2 ADSL lines.

ADSL Bonding - Bonded DSL


This Geos X86 system embedds 1 or 2 ADLS2+ modem with 2 lan ports. This product is unique on the market, you can install easilly  Linux (Debian 5 for example) on CF reader and manage 2 ADSL lines.

As a matter of fact you can implement line resilience (Fail-over) or Load Balancing as well Bonded DSL - with MLPPP for example - depending of your knowledge.

 ADSL Chipsets are high performance (ADSL/ADLS2/ADSL2+) and supports hardware DES/3DES/AES/SHA-1/SHA-2256/MD5.

A mini-PCI Slot is available (standard) for Wireless but also a mezzanine board (option) can be added for support up to 2 x 3G modems.

If you have to create VPN, Access Point, Bonded DSL and are looking for a reliable solution, you've just found the perfec product !!

Contact us for more informations +33 (0)1 61 37 07 04

ODM/OEM projects are welcome, we can adapt the product to your need.

This solution is already in production with several ISP in the world



Software installation is really easy : all Linux drivers are included in the linux kernel (version 2.6.23 and later) and the BIOS is an open source coreboot (

It can works with OPENWRT (, an open Linux distribution for embedded devices like routers.


Technical highlights :

AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor (x86 instruction set)
2 x ADSL2+ Ports
2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports
2 x USB ports
Mini PCI socket
Compact Flash socket
44-pin IDE header
RS-232 Serial
1 x GPIO switch
Open Source BIOS (Coreboot)


PDF Technical Spec (English) || Spécifications Techniques (Francais)



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